Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitmeads & how it works? is an advertising platform where members can click ads to earn Bitcoin or where advertisers can gain cheap exposure to Bitcoin users.

What are the different way to earn Bitcoin free?

Bitmeads allow its users to earn free bitcoin by various methods:

  • PTC Ads (User need to click ads on the PTC ads to earn bitcoin)
  • PTSU Ads (User need to complete small task to earn bitcoin)
  • Faucet Claim (User can claim free bitcoin every 15 minutes)
  • Grid Chances (Each day users receive certain chances to play grid and in return they can win free bitcoin)
  • Offerwalls (Users can view ads and complete offers in the available offerwalls to earn free bitcoin)
  • Revenue Share (User can buy shares in order to receive handsome ROI on their investment)
  • Affiliate commission (Users can refer their friends and family to earn lifetime commission from their referral earnings)

What is the minimum limit to withdraw?

Minimum payout for Bitcoin is 0.0002 BTC and for perfect money 0.00005 BTC.

When will I get paid?

All payments normally processed within 24 hrs but sometime it takes upto 7 days.

What is the ad reset time?

Their is no ad reset time at all, you'll be able to view ads once in a 24 hrs period.

How much I can earn per click?

The earning per click depends upon the spending of the advertiser mean how much advertiser willing to pay you.

What is your policy towards multiple accounts?

You are not allowed to have more than one account per person.

Can I transfer purchase balance back to account balance or withdraw it?

No, once deposited into purchase balance it cannot be transferred back.

The ad is not loading. What do I do?

If the ad doesn’t load, please try to use Google Chrome Browser to view ads effortlessly.

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